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    Rise of Consumer Society and American Sports

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    Compare and contrast what is considered "the Rise of Consumer Society" in both the Upper and Middle classes.

    American sports became big business in the Gilded Age. Describe the rise of professional sports in America, and explain how capitalism was evident within it.

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    The rise of consumer society or culture during the middle of the nineteenth century brought about many changes to the United States. The shift from a more traditional system of apprenticeship to wage labor helped to support the rise of industry and the formation of a market economy. This coupled with the creation of national banking helped to create a sound foundation for modern capitalist economics. These changes continued to impact the nation for years to come, and with the creation of the line of credit, took what would be a turn for the worst in recent history. Some of the most significant changes occurred throughout the early to middle 20th century.

    Advertisement played a large role in the "rise," and you can read more about the topic here:;


    It is important to consider how ...

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    The expert compares and contrasts "the Rise of Consumer Society". in both the upper and middle classes.