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Business Management

Transportation Assignment Net Work Models

Please see attached chart that corresponds to the question. Question: Hospital Administrator at St. Charles General must appoint head nurses to four newly established depts.: urology, cardiology, orthopedics and obstetrics. In anticipation of this staffing problem, she had hired 4 nurses: Hawkins, Condriac, Bardot and Hooli

Compliance Strategies and Bargainers

A) Why may bargainers want to consider "giving away something for nothing?" b) Do compliance strategies result in long-term or short-term persuasion? Why?

Operations Management - Gonzales Electronic Company

Please see the attached file. The Gonzales Electronic Company's 12 products are further grouped into four product families. Product A, B, and C compose family 1; D, E, and F compose family 2; and product s G, H, and I make up family 3; and products J, K, and L make up family 4. Dick Gonzales has the following forecasts of mon

Statistic Process Control - X-Bar and R-Charts

See attachment. 1. A part that connects two levels should have a distance between the two holes of 4". It has been deternined that X-bar and R-charts should be set up to determine if the process is in statistical control. The following 100 samples of sample size four were collected. Calculate the control limits and plot th

Prayer in public school

Do you have a constitutional right to pray in public school? What constitutional amendments guarantee you those rights and are the basis of recent year (year 2000 and beyond) U.S. Supreme Court decision? Are there conditions under which prayer is allowed or prohibited?

Your Computing Experience

How did you come to the computer? Discuss your personal background in terms of your own socio-economic situation. Don't feel that you need to be too personal of course. Share what you like. If you are not comfortable talking about your own situation, then write it more as a dramatic fiction from what you know. It does n

Developmental Stage of your team

First, pick a work group or team that you have been a part of and are familiar with. It can be one that you are working with now, or one that you have worked with in the past, either in your current job or in a past job. Once you know which team you will focus on, please: 1. Complete the following Survey and total the score:

Forecasting for Carbondale Hospital: purchase of new ambulance

The Carbondale Hospital is considering the purchase of a new ambulance. The decision will rest partly on the anticipated mileage to be driven next year. The miles driven during the past 5 years are as follows Year Mileage 1 3,100 2 4,000 3 3,500 4 4,000 5 3,700 Forecast the mileage for next year using a 2-year movi

Forecasting: Check processing center; number of incoming checks each month

A check-processing center uses exponential smoothing to forecast the number of incoming checks each month. The number of checks received in June was 34 million, while the forecast was 44 million. A smoothing constant of .2 is used. (a) What is the forecast for July? ____________ million checks Round your answer to 1 dec


Address the following questions in a three to four page paper: 1. Go to the library or search the Internet for information on "franchising." Compare and contrast franchising with starting a business from scratch. Be sure to consider management, finance and accounting, and marketing viewpoints. 2. How might the corporat

Actions of a board with respect to the CEO

You are a board member of a large company that manufactures and distributes aftermarket automobile parts. The board consists of six members. You are number two in seniority and the CEO is NOT on the board. The CEO has been a strong leader and an effective manager for over five years but lately the organization's performance has

Why do you work?

Why do you work? Why do you work so hard? What is motivation? How do leaders and management affect motivation? What role does the individual employee play in organizational motivation? Which of the motivational theories relate to why you work so hard?

Operations Management: Fujiyama Electronics sample testing

See Attached file. Fujiyama Electronics, Inc. has been having difficulties with circuit boards purchased from an outside supplier. Unacceptable variability occurs between two drilled holes that are supposed to be 5 cm apart on the circuit boards. Twenty-five samples of four boards each were taken from shipments sent by the su

Virtual temas and face to face teams

Compare and contrast virtual teams and face-to-face teams by considering the advantages and disadvantages of each. Discuss examples of each type of team from references and your personal experience.

Operations Management: purchase a part or produce it, a cost analysis

Please show ALL work. 1. A manager is trying to decide whether to purchase a certain part or to have it produced internally. Internal production could use either of two processes. One would entail a variable cost of $17 per unit and an annual fixed cost of $200,000; the other would entail a variable cost of $14 per unit and a

Operations Management: Leaky and the Cat Hotel

See Attached file 1. Leaky a local retailer of plumbing supplies, faces demand for one of its inventoried items at a constant rate of 30,000 units per year it cost Leaky $10 to process an order to replenish stock and $1 per unit per year to carry the item in stock. Stock is received 4 working days after an order is placed.

Risk Management topics for a medical facility

This solution provides the learner with an understanding of issues associated with risk management within a medical facility. In particular, this solution addresses ideas and concepts that would be discussed at an annual risk management meeting and identifies particular risks overlooked by health care managers.

Process Improvement: Customer Satisfaction and Logistics

1. A key tenet of open systems theory is that the environments in which organizations operate are not static. Customer needs change, the regulatory and legal environment changes, sources of input and costs change. How should organizations monitor their systems, processes, and methods to continue to insure that they will consiste

Danger of a manager maintaining too much control over plans and projects

Can you please help find articles and website links that I can use to answer the question below? 1. What is the danger of a manager maintaining too much control over plans and projects? ? Provide list of articles/website links information Additional Information: Control mechanisms are important to every organization.

Important information about economic theory

1. When advertising expenditure is increased, which of the aggregate and average (cost and revenue) curves shift their positions? Explain the direction of the shift. As an industry moves from being a monopoly to a monopolistically competitive one (due to the entry of new competitors as the monopoly's patents expire, for exampl

Capacity, Constraints and Lean

Rx's R Us is a mail order dealer of homeopathic medications. It has 6 phone lines for receiving orders. Order takers answer the phones, check that inventory is available, and then prepare "picking tickets" for the warehouse stock pickers. One order may consist of several lines, with a different medication or multiples of medicat