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    Different types of incentives to influence change

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    Discuss how organizations can use different types of incentives to influence and change behaviors and reinforce those behaviors over time.

    Why are incentives powerful? What examples of incentives have you experienced either as a leader or a follower that have been effective?

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    1. Incentive is defined as a reward that motivates certain behaviors. There are different types of incentives like pecuniary incentives, social incentives, and intrinsic incentives.

    Pecuniary incentives: These incentives are based on monetary or tangible rewards and are provided by the management of the organization using the compensation system. Financial rewards are important to individuals as these help achieve tangible outcome. Thus by offering pecuniary incentives organization can influence change behavior among individuals to work towards the financial gain and over time the behavior would get a part of culture to strive for financial incentive.

    Social incentives: social ...

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