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    Root Cause Analysis: Leading Effective Execution and Change

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    Literature Review: Root Cause Analysis.

    Please check online for this book and on chapters 6 and 8 read it and write 4 pages for this assignment: here is the book to read:

    Making Strategy Work: Leading Effective Execution and Change by Lawrence G. Hrebiniak (Hardcover - January 15, 2005)

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    I have provided you with a para-graphical outline of the work. Please review it and then add your own insights and information to complete the work.

    The author in this section is trying to create some interest in motivating employees so that the project process works and the controls are viable. Motivation and success have to be judged based on the strategic plan. Anything less is just work.

    The first rule he covers is, "Don't demotivate people." When managers are demotivated, they are less productive and so are their teams. Incentives help this and create motivation. Incentives support the good managers need to achieve. However, the incentives have to support the correct things. If they do not, then the manager works for the wrong thing. Additionally, the incentives have to be viable because poor incentives create demotivation and stop the achievement of people.

    Good incentives are usually utilitarian or psychological. The first is easy to recognize, salary increases, bonuses and promotions. The personal value in the second one is more difficult, but as important. Autonomy, enjoyment of work, and identifying with the job or its outcomes, motivates people to succeed and meet the achievement goals. The balance is to reward employees for the work the ...

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    This solution discusses business strategies by discussing effective execution and change in organizations.