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    Root Cause Analysis RCA

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    You are the Vice President of Quality at Harris Hospital. You are responsible for ensuring quality patient care, monitoring staff adherence to policy standards and conducting investigations following negative patient outcomes. There was a recent event whereby a patient received a drug resulting in a negative outcome. The event has been reported to the Harris County Department of Public Health. In preparation for the visit by county officials, you'll need to complete a Root Cause Analysis on the event. You must complete a Root Cause Analysis using the following checklist:

    Complete a Root Cause Analysis on the adverse event.
    Outline in 3 pages all the steps that will be taken to determine the cause of the event.
    Write a brief 1-page memo explaining steps that will be taken to mitigate these issues in the future.

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    First, what is Root Cause Analysis (RCA)? it is a  framework designed to provide a standardized approach to analysis of critical  incidents, it is important to know that RCA is team-based and multidisciplinary process ( The WHOLE‐TEAM should participate in RCA, ...

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    The solution explains the importance of RCA, How can you perform step-by-step RCA