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    Verbal Feedback/Personality Assessment

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    Can you help me with coming up with an analysis of the critical issues and considerations related to providing verbal feedback of personality assessment results.

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    Studies describe two dimensions of personality that can be used in the assessment of personality, and allow for verbal feedback using verbal cues. Verbal cues include [communication, speech, language, talking verbal, etc.](Isbisten & Nass, 2000). The two dimensions of personality involved in many self-report assessments such as the Myer-Briggs Typology Indicator [Myers & McCauley, 1962] considers Extroversion and introversion types in measurements. For example, verbal cues in speech by the extrovert may include a verbal style that include one's choice of words, types of sentences, or fluidity of speech. Thus, when considering critical issues to provide verbal feedback in personality assessment, it would be important to know if the individual is extroverted or introverted. Extroversion is a dimension of personality that is marked by outgoing, talkative and dynamic behavior; whereas introversion reflects a more inward, shy and reserved style. However, the focus on assessment should be on understanding the individual and his or her worldviews (e.g. culture, lifestyle, personal experiences, etc.]. For ...

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    This solution provides an analysis of critical issues to be addressed in personality assessment and feedback.