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    The Roschach Personality Test

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    Can you please help me explain reliability and validity as it relates to the Rorschach Assessment?

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    *Can you help me explain reliability & validity as it relates to the Rorschach assessment?

    The Rorschach is a psychometric too l (Personality assessment) that utilizes a series of inkblots presented to a subject, in whom verbal responses are given by the subjects as to what he or she sees in the image. Given the subject's responses, a set of variables are used to define the personality. Research suggests that the Rorschach has psychometric values if it is administered properly (Collura, 2012), and is often assessed using interrater reliability. Interrater reliability is the extent to which two or more persons agree on the measurement's outcome. For example, according to Collura (2012), if the Rorschach is applied with a suitable population and with an appropriate diagnostic instrument, its reliability validity has been demonstrated.

    (a) Reliability-- depends on the ability to achieve a consistent measurement each time the Rorschach is administered. For instance, in their study Weiner & Greene, (2008 as cited in Collura, 2012) found that among 84 raters evaluating 70 Rorschach variables there was interrater reliability for all base-rate variables. The reliability rate was high in the range of 85% to 99%... Groth-Marnat presents ...

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    This solution techniques for assessing the Rorschach. It highlights studies that demonstrate the Rorschach as a valid and reliable tool (with some limitations) for assessing personality with the use of the Rorschach.