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Feedback of Assessment Results

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I need help with the following question: What does one need to consider when providing verbal information/feedback to interested parties (a client's guardian or someone from a special population) with whom they have permission to discuss cognitive assessment results?

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Discusses what information should be discussed with interested parties in regards to cognitive assessment test results.

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One has to consider their audience and what their working knowledge is of cognitive assessment and results interpretation. More likely than not, unless you are speaking to a CSE chair or another psychologist, most people do not understand how intelligence is measured or how results are interpreted. Personally, when I present results at a meeting (which typically includes parents, the student, school staff, counselors, county officials, law guardians, etc.) I keep my explanation as simple and understandable as possible and try not to use language that only another psychologist would understand. I break down complex concepts down using common language that is easy to understand. I also think it's critical to use a positive, strengths based approach in explaining results. For instance, if a student ...

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