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Parent and teacher feedback in the assessment process

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Assessment is used for various purposes and it is important to understand the role as a teacher or caregiver within the context of each purpose. Discuss at least two examples of how some of these purposes can be beneficial and two examples of how they can be detrimental.

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Teachers can give beneficial information relevant to the assessment process because they have unique insight on the child's cognitive abilities, learning style, classroom behaviors, etc. This can be beneficial in understanding academic achievement scores because the teacher can give you more information on the validity of these scores (if they seem to be an accurate representation of abilities) and what are some particular factors contribute to areas of academic weakness (doesn't try, can't read, inattentive, etc.) This is valuable information when interpreting test results and even more valuable to help develop recommendations as a result of an evaluation. However, when a teacher does ...

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Discusses the ways teacher and parent feedback help and hinder the assessment process.