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formative and summative assessments

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Compare formative and summative assessment.
Describe the process and use of each type of assessment.
Describe how you would use the data yielded from each type of assessment to inform your teaching.

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Both formative and summative assessments are similar in that they provide valuable insight into student mastery of desired goals and objectives. Both let the teacher know if she has successfully taught the information or if adjustments and/or re-teaching need to occur.

The primary differences exist in the amount of material being assessed. From my experience, the formative assessment is checkpoint assessment somewhere with in a unit to see how the students are mastering goals and objectives. Ideally, it is NOT tied to any grades but for the teacher to see if students are acquiring necessary foundations upon which additional skills are built. If students are ...

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This solution compares formative and summative assessments.

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Formative and Summative Assessment

Conduct library and Internet research to learn more about formative and summative assessment in the workplace.

Can you help me get started on a paper comparing and contrasting two key forms of assessment: formative and summative?

Address the following items:
> Define each type of assessment.
> Discuss the similarities and differences between the two forms of assessment.
> Provide an example of how an I/O consultant might use both formative and summative assessment in the workplace.
> Discuss the role criteria (or standards) play in formative and summative assessment.

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