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    Negotiating yourself, versus having an agent.

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    1) What are the advantages do you think that you may have had by negotiating yourself rather than through an agent that is dealing with the opponent's agent directly when you were doing the home negotiations?
    2) Overall, would having an agent make the negotiation easier or more difficult for you? Explain your response regarding the use of an agent.

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    1. As a negotiator, I could make faster decisions. I would have the most important personal information available and would not have to "look up" or delay negotiations. When dealing with only me, the other negotiator would be supplied with decisions quicker and have less time to plot out the next move based on what I might or might not have done in the current portion. While I could give the agent my BATNA, in reality I could adjust it as I gained more information. I would also be able to be more flexible in changing my alternatives, any changes that were ...

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    The expert examines negotiating yourself versus having an agent. Whether it would make the negation easier or more difficult is determined.