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    Assessing Personality Styles

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    Use your favorite search engine and locate a personality test such as the Kersey Temperament Sorter. Provide the name and the URL of the instrument in your response.

    According to the instrument, which personality style are you? Did your findings match how you see yourself? What strengths do you see your temperament type having when preparing and conducting a negotiation? What are the challenges associated with your type? What three things can you focus on to improve your effectiveness when negotiating with someone who is an idealist?

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    The personality test that I have located is the Jung Typology Test. The findings of this test did match how I see myself, largely due to the fact that before taking this test I knew that I was an extrovert and a thinker. In addition, I also viewed myself as an individual that could analyze individuals and situations which provided me with a ...

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