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    Analysing Personality Styles

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    This assignment needed to be more general (personality styles) than specific to the individual.
    Please see attachments.

    I need help in preparing a 700-800 word paper. After taking an assessment my personality style is the Assessor/Cautious Style. Need to explain what the cautious style is then compare and contrast the Harmonizer/Steadiness Style (The cautious style and the steadiness style).

    Then need to evaluate the effectiveness of the cautious style, the steadiness style and the dominance style while working as a team.

    Hope you can give me guidance on this assignment.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    Note to the student:

    I gave you a more individual and person-specific analysis because you indicated that you had to take the personal assessment test and arrived at a Cautious Personality, the one you exhibit. I really believe that the previous solution I have created for you from a first-person basis covers all the necessary conditions as indicated by your previous post primarily because it seemed to me that you needed to explain from a point of view (once again because you indicated your own personal style). We can of course make things more general without specific personal example, just a sense of explaining said personality styles with their basic indicators. What I will do is I will improve from the previous post I created to make it more general although I will indicate still your exhibited personality style and also indicate basic examples. I will also 'take' from your attached study guide the established matrix so you can use this for a quick comparison of personality styles. Please take note of the red text in the word version.

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    My Personality Style

    Of the Personality styles indicated via Geier's DISC method, I personally fall under the Cautious/Assessor personality type, one who looks at life as a series of challenges, analytical, persistent and detail oriented. Caution and assessment of any situation is automatic for me and this is rooted in my socialization, in how I grew up, in the life I have led and living. I guess this shows in the decisions I make - I always do what I see is the least risky, the more secure of options. In a nutshell, the Cautious Personality type is described as thus (please indicate your textbook here, also add it to the reference section below):

     Cautious styles are slower-paced and task-focused
     They're cautious in their actions and decisions
     Cautious styles dislike involvement
     Cautious styles ask many questions about specific details
     Cautious styles prefer an objective, task-oriented, intellectual work ...

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    The solution is an essay tackling personality styles providing an analysis of how these said personality styles interact and affect each other in an work environment.