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Business Management

Business Risks Nationalism

In your opinion, what are the risks (for business) associated with rising nationalism? Friedman and others argue that globalization is so prevalent that the world has become "flat." Do you agree? Why or why not? 2 paragraphs

Negotiating yourself, versus having an agent.

1) What are the advantages do you think that you may have had by negotiating yourself rather than through an agent that is dealing with the opponent's agent directly when you were doing the home negotiations? 2) Overall, would having an agent make the negotiation easier or more difficult for you? Explain your response regardin

Arvo Lake

Arvo Lake, a retired seventy-one year old man, bought an air conditioner in May. The unit was installed and operated according to the manufacturer's specifications. Unbeknownst to Lake, the unit contained a hole in the refrigeration system that allowed Freon, the coolant, to escape from the unit. By August, the unit had ceased c

Distributing bargaining information

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 300 words. Q1: In distributed bargaining, why is obtaining information about the opponent's target and resistance points important? Q2: Is it possible to use distributed and integrative bargaining together? Please support your response.

The Signaling principle

USA Today once reported that executives of Teradyne told Wall Street analysis that "business was jumping" but the next the firm's chairman's sold 24,800 shares of his stock in the firm for $32 each, or $793,600. The chairman's secretary said the shares belonged to his daughter. Interpret these events in light of the Signaling

Risk management: Healthcare: Reference Checking

Develop a position for managing the risk in a Healthcare setting by conducting reference checks. The response includes: o Abstract o Introduction o Problem statement o Position o Supporting work o Counterargument o Conclusion scholarly references are included 1,771 words

Different types of incentives to influence change

Discuss how organizations can use different types of incentives to influence and change behaviors and reinforce those behaviors over time. Why are incentives powerful? What examples of incentives have you experienced either as a leader or a follower that have been effective?

Group Norms

If Group norms are seldom written down or discussed., how can they be effective in regulating the behavior of group members?

The SINS II Scale - Negotiation

The purpose of the SINS II scale is to inquire about your general disposition toward ethical issues in negotiation. It will help you determine your views on a range of ethical and unethical negotiation tactics. Attached you will find two files contain the result generated by the whole class, and generated by me. This ques

Three Challenges of Virtual Teamwork

1. What are 3 challenges to virtual teamwork? Explain each. How can we to overcome those challenges? 2. Identify 3 lessons can be learned from virtual teamwork experience? Explain each.

Key Features of the Traditional New Deal Pattern

Describe two ways that key features of the traditional ("New Deal") pattern of industrial relations in the United States differ from the key features found in the joint ("participatory") pattern of industrial relations in the United States. Which pattern do you believe is the most beneficial to employees? Why?

Multicriteria Decisions Objectives

See attached file. An introduction to management science Ch14 Multicriteria Decisions Question 1 A decision with more than one objective cannot have an optimal solution. requires the decision maker to place the objectives in some order of importance. depends on the probability of sat

How does hedging work?

Please help answer the following questions about hedging. Explain and give an example of how hedging works. Why does hedging provide price protection? Why does hedging remove further gains and losses?

Operations Management Problem

This is for an online class and I am having trouble understanding what is being asked. My professor has not responded to my questions. I really do not understand the table and how I am supposed to accomplish what is being asked. If someone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you Here

Market Preparation for retail buyers

1. What are the purposes of buying trip? 2. Identify a buyer's activities during a market trip (What do they do, How do they interface with cross-functional partners like the vendors, advertising team, marketing..etc) 3. Identify the necessary planning steps required before making a buying trip (list the steps needed to tk

PowerPoint Techniques for Change Management

The technique of change management is important when a company decides to evaluate its strength and weakness in order to be more competitive in the marketplace. You are the head of the Change Management effort at Boeing whereby employees have to learn new software systems. Currently, the company is experiencing high anxiety and

Force field analysis

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Create a force field analysis to address the leadership team's concerns about what else they should be doing and to what they have not yet paid enough attention. The analysis has been started below. HELPING FORCES List here what will help the team address issues on whic

Emotional intelligence, Values maturity, Tolerance of ambiguity

Discussion Questions 1. Rank these individuals from highest to lowest in terms of: â-  Emotional intelligence â-  Values maturity â-  Tolerance of ambiguity â-  Core self-evaluation Justify your evaluations in a discussion with your colleagues and compare your scores.

Organization's Training and Development Needs for Its Employees

Every organization is faced with many training and development needs for its employees. Making sure that the best training and development activities are done requires first conducting a thorough needs assessment. KASO's (knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics - e.g., motives, traits, attitudes, personality cha

Typical myths you may have of managing people

What are some typical myths you may have of managing people, and what are the realities? Do these realities support or refute the myths? At which managerial positions and duties do you currently excel? With which positions and duties do you need more practice and experience? response includes discussion of 7 myths

Global Strategic Management: Dell

Analyze Dell's Strategic Factors 1.Analysis of Strategic Factors. Since you are aware that your analysis of strategic factors or SFAS (Strategic Factor Analysis Summary) is based on IFAS and EFAS tables, and since we will need to understand your choices, you are required to submit the three tables in Excel format in one separ

Develop a policy statement for acceptable use of instant messaging

Most organizations, including universities, have acceptable computer/network use policies (see for an example). Assume you work for a for-profit organization and are assigned by your boss to develop a policy statement regarding acceptable use of instant messaging. De

Corporate Scandal

Improper change is dangerous and could lead to charges of fraud and bankruptcy. Go to to The Corporate Scandal Sheet ( to select one company to research. Using this company as an example, highlight the dangers involved in undertaking change without careful co

Recruitment Strategies, and Job Opportunities for Coca Cola

Help write a paper in which you address the following: International Job Search for Coca Cola. o Outline the recruitment strategies the company uses. o Explain how the organization classifies their job opportunities and what assumptions can be made about the classifications. o Using the info

Enron Research Paper

1. Research the Enron situation. To start, read the article "Virtual Bidding: Considerations Related to Market Manipulation" provided in Materials below. Find other sources. Based on your reading, take a stand on the ethics of Enron's activities in the California energy markets. Explain why you do or do not think Enron violat