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    Best practices for negotiation

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    What negotiation best practices have you learned? Which best practices might you be able to apply in your work place? Based on emerging trends, what new best practices do you think are needed?

    response is 312 words, including a list of best practices that you can expand for a longer discussion

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    The best practices for negotiation are:
    1. Know what you want before you start the process. Know your limits, non-negotiables, and if there are any concessions you are willing to make.
    2. Research the company/person with whom you will be negotiating. Find out what is important to them, strengths/weaknesses/needs.
    3. Play to your strengths. Emphasize your strong points.
    4. Play fair, be honest. If you win, it will be square and fair. If you don't you will still have your ...

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    This solution outlines best practices for negotiation and gives ideas on how to negotiate with current business trends.