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Business Management

Affirmative action refers to a policy or a program

Affirmative action refers to a policy or a program that tries to respond to instances of past discrimination by implementing proactive measures to ensure equal opportunity today. Assess and explain the three ways through which affirmative action can arise within a workplace.

Fair Pay legislation

Are you in favor of fair-pay type legislation to equalize the pay between men and women? Why or why not? If you were to make a case for your position, what job evaluation principles would you apply and why? What internal and external equity principles would you use to explain your position? Justify your chosen position by analys

Important variables to correlate job satisfaction & performance

This table shows some of the more important variables that have been shown to correlate with job satisfaction and the degree to which they correlate (weak, moderately, or strong). Anything in here surprise you? For example, there's a moderate negative correlation between heart disease and job satisfaction, meaning that as job sa

Hypothesis and statistical variables

A scatter diagram is a chart A. In which the dependent variable is scaled along the vertical axis. B. In which the independent variable is scaled along the horizontal axis. C. That portrays the relationship between two variables. D. All of the above. In correlation analysis A. We consider several independent variabl

Discussion questions - Customer Benefits, Product, Value & Kano Method

When you shop do you buy product features or customer benefits? Does your choice decision depend of the product category? Can you ever really know the actual reason why you selected a particular product? Do you agree with the staple "Yourself to an Order" concept or is it a lot of bunk? If you could only pick one concept fo


1. What if anything would you change or expand upon in your response at this point in the course? How closely aligned are the company's and operations strategies? 2. What are the top three things will you take away from this class and use them to look at your company's operation? Please rank your top priority as your ch

Case Study Analysis

In 550-600 words. Visit at least two different fast-food restaurants that make hamburgers. For example, in the United States McDonald's, Wendy's, and Burger King are good choices. For some of you fastfood junkies, this will not be difficult; vegans may have to take a friend for product testing. Observe the basic operational

Article Summary

Please see attached. Review the characteristics of effective summaries, research strategies, and APA formatting. Summarize a short, online article of your choice. 1. A summary is a compressed version of a much longer document or speech. 2. You can summarize chapters, books, speeches, reports, and material from the Inte

Resume & Application Letter

Create a résumé for online distribution & write a 200- to 300-word job-application letter to accompany the résumé. The job you are looking for is Photojournalist.

Advantages of In-house HRD program vs. purchasing HR programs, advantages of on-site and off-site training program, maximizing sessions' effectiveness, hazing and its role in socialization, two socialization programs for new employees.

1. What are the advantages of designing an HRD program in-house versus purchasing programs from vendors? 2. What are the advantages of holding a training program on-site? Off-site? 3. How do you feel about attending training sessions or classes scheduled early in the morning? After lunch? What can a trainer do to maximize the

Forecasting, Weighted Averages: Various Questions

1. With exponential smoothing, does a higher alpha make the forecast MORE or LESS responsive to changes? 2. With a weighted moving average forecast, to which period is the heaviest weight applied? 3. Distinguish between the following: seasonal variation, cycles, trends, and random variation. 4. Distinguish

Coca-Cola Corporate Structure

CORPORATE STRUCTURE 1. How is the corporation structured at present? a. Is the decision-making authority central¬ized around one group or decentralized to many units? Explain. b. Is it organized on the basis of functions, projects, geography, or some combination of these? Explain. 2. Is the structure clearly understood

New Hire Orientation Evaluation

In an outline format, describe a new-employee orientation process that would address the needs of inexperienced, new employees to start them on the path to high performance. Give special attention to what the new employees' manager's role is in the orientation process. How would you evaluate your orientation program to deter

Acworth Systems' case is assessed.

Please help with the following case study. This case is found in the following textbook: The Leadership Experience, third edition by Richard L. Daft. Please answer the questions in detail.

Budgeting and investments

As part of your personal budgeting process you have determines that in each of the next 5 years you will have budget shortfalls. In other words, you will need the amounts shown in the following table at the end of the given year to balance your budget - that is, to make inflows equal outflows. You expect to earn 9% on your inves

Tools to Attract Candidates

With the increasing numbers of tech savvy candidates, employers are using increasingly sophisticated Web recruiting tools to attract and inform potential job candidates. One of the leaders in this area is Procter and Gamble (P&G). Visit the P&G U.S. Web site and review its recruiting process and the recruiting information availa

Change Management

A boss who was the Chairman & CEO of a public listed group of companies has suddenly passed away. His wife is then elected as the new Chairman and a retired Banker is hired as the CEO. Main business of the group is manufacturing and trading of apparel. An essay of about 2500 to 3000 words is needed to assess what resistance was

Public Administration

You provided the exact answer I am looking for in this question when you included factors such as "debt structure, financial conditions, demographic factors, management and administrative practices of all the Governing Bodies." These are key to attaining the highest bond rating and sustaining....importantly, sustaining that AAA

Waite Pharmaceuticals case study

Please help with the following case study. This case study is found in the following textbook: The Leadership Experience, third edition by Richard L. Daft. Please answer questions in detail. Waite Pharmaceuticals Amelia Lassiter is chief information officer at Waite Pharmaceuticals, a large California based company.

Key data regarding Strategic Management

I need help to start preparing a 700-word paper on a small party planning business. Define strategic management and planning of the party planning business. Explain why a strategic plan would be important to the success of this business. Explain the four functions of management relative to creating and implementing

Compare and contrast

Compare and contrast of logical thinking, scientific thinking, and optimistic are needed. Then use a workplace scenario highlighting scientific thinking using critical thinking and decision making.