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    Business Management: Disciplinary Process

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    The primary purpose of any corrective action plan is to improve performance. It is essential to separate performance problems form behavioral problems. Performance problems are dealt with through additional training, behavioral problems require disciplinary action.

    In other words, is it that the employee cannot perform the work, or will not?

    In the case of will not, the manager must address the issue through a progressive disciplinary process. Can you describe the five stages of a disciplinary process?

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    Prior to the first verbal warning, the employee should always be informed that their work or behaviour has fallen below an acceptable level and be made aware that this is unacceptable.

    Stage 1 - First Verbal Warning
    If there isn't any improvement in the employee's behavior after the informal meeting, then a formal verbal warning is given. This warning will be active on the employee's personal file for a specified period. If there is no improvement by the date set for re-assessment then Stage 2 will occur.

    Stage 2 - Second Verbal Warning
    In the event of a further breach of conduct, poor attendance or lapse from performance, the employee will be given the ...

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