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    Human Resource Case Analysis

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    You are the Vice President of Human Resources at Community State University. The President of the University has just informed you that the Maintenance Department is experiencing a high turnover rate in addition to an increase in disciplinary actions. You have been asked to created an effective recruitment process and discuss how recruitment can be tied to an increase in disciplinary actions. In an article that focuses on recruitment and discipline within the workplace, specifically within the educational system. Please outlining the pros and cons of having an effective recruitment and disciplinary process in the workplace.

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    Recruitment is the process of seeking out and selecting outside talent to fill a position at an organization. The HR Department is usually in charge of this process at major organizations and at school, healthcare establishments, and other firms. The recruitment process is one that is used often, and changed to meet the needs of the organization.

    With increased disciplinary actions and high turnover in the maintenance department at the local university it is essential for the HR Department get a better understanding on what is causing these issues. This should be handled in a number of different steps to ensure that the organization has a complete picture before taking further action.

    Step 1: Conduct exit surveys with employees that are leaving the University to determine the root cause of the high turnover. These surveys should be conducted before the employees last day of work. These surveys can help the organization to determine if it is an internal or external cause to the high turnover. An internal cause could be harassment, morale, respect, or even safety issues that management may not be aware of. ...

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    A well thought out and defined recruitment plan can help to reduce employee turn over, and disciplinary actions. Retaining the top talent and reducing employee turn over is essential to ensuring a successful business. By utilizing a recruitment and retainment plan an organization can reduce costs, and increase productivity.