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Business Management


Can you comment on below? "It's hard to what to do if you don't know where you're going or why. This is why companies have missions, visions, goals, and strategies. Strategic planning is put into place to ensure that companies have a plan or roadmap to get to the goal. The mission is the purpose of the company or why the

Eliminate wait times

Everyone hates to wait to receive their service or product. From waiting in line at the supermarket, to waiting for packages to arrive, customers simply don't like to wait. Today's fast paced society has become even less tolerable to delays then ever before. As a manager (of anything you choose) why is it important to elimina

Method of evaluating a company's overall "health"

This method of evaluating a company's overall "health" answers such questions as: How do customers see us? At what must we excel? How do we look at shareholders? Etc. a) Dashboard b) Balanced Scorecard c) Weighted Scoring Method d) Options Pricing e) Corporate Health Scorecard

Briefly describe your attitude towards Nike and Nike products.

Briefly describe your attitude towards Nike and Nike products. Assume you wanted to improve or create favorable attitudes among college students toward the Nike brand. Would you focus primarily on the affective, conative, or cognitive components? Why? Why would Nike allow consumers the option to customize products?

Using a Behavioral Interview to Select Accountants

Your Accounting Manager has decided that using a behavioral interview to select accountants will solve many hiring problems. What would you advise the Accounting Manager? Is this a good idea? Why/why not?

Conducting Effective Meetings

"Conducting Effective Meetings" by Max Messmer available in the ProQuest ABI/INFORM Global database. Select one of the following questions for your discussion. * What other guidelines would you add to the list in the article to ensure an effective meeting? * How can a leader promote participation and interaction in

Merging Divisions to Minimize Costs

Due to cutbacks at the company you work for, the division you manage recently merged with another division to minimize costs. Your division works in teams the majority of the time, and due to the merger, new members have been added to each team. One of your team members comes to you upset about the merger. She feels as though ot

Resolve post-purchase dissonance

Ted Johnson has just purchased a 42" plasma TV from Circuit City. What are the possible areas where Ted might experience post-purchase dissonance? How can Circuit City (retailer) help reduce Ted's dissonance? What can the manufacturer of the TV do to help reduce Ted's dissonance?

HR Discipline, Suspension & Termination: Hirschman's Article

Discipline, Suspension & Termination (Handbooks, Wrongful Discharge, Procedural issues) In Hirschman's article, "Off-Duty, Out of Work" from HR Magazine, February 2003, read about one man's quest to retain his job after being terminated for his personal-time activities. Hirschman, C. (2003, Feb). Off-duty, out of work. HRMa

Authoritarian Managers

There have been two long term trends in management practice over the last hundred years. The first was scientific management, and the second was the humanistic movement. Authoritarian management was the norm and not questioned until the turn of the 19th century when human rights in general started to emerge as a movement. F

Quantitative Analysis: Forecasting Techniques

Develop a sales volume forecast using the least squares method *and* one other forecasting method. One forecast method must be using the least squares method, the second can use any other normal forecasting method. Provide the two sales volume forecasts in excel format, each with data shown and a graph. Smoothing consta

Management of Paula's Tattoo Studio

Questions and case study. 7. (A) Describe the difference between leadership and management and (B) provide an example from jobs or organizations you have been associated with in the past. 8. (A) Distinguish between mechanistic and organic organizational systems. (B) Provide an example from jobs or organizations you hav

YOu have done this one already but I need you to look what was added on...

Today, your manager (Mr. Smith) reveals that you will be assigned to a team/group to assist the company with its quest to implement a new clothing line of women's swimsuits. He explains to you that the team/group should research the procedure for implementing a new clothing line and explain the models and heuristics that would h

AIDS and the World

In situation below is there a duty to aid the people, if so who owes the duty and what should they do: The HIV/AIDs pandemic continues to ravage the population of the less developed world. Nearly 80 percent of developing countries lack the capacity to produce anti-retroviral drugs and the money to pay the full costs of importin

Green and Sustainable Business

As a consumer, to what extent does green and sustainable product service or design influence you to buy a product? Does price or sustainability influence you more? Explain why.

Application of Theories/Assumptions

- Find an example of a recent major decision (whether in business, politics, etc.) that was made based on assumptions that turned out to be incorrect. - Explain why at least 2 assumptions for this decision were incorrect, and explain what led to their use as a basis for the decision. - What would you have done to test the

Employee Development

Why is it important to know the demographics of a training class before you train? Explain how this information would help your preparation.

Analyzing a Business Research Article

Read the article "To stream or not to stream in a quantitative business course" by Buhagiar & Potter. You will find this research study at: http://www.aabri.com/manuscripts/09417.pdf Judge this article with the following criteria Sample -What the sample selected in such a way that you think it is representative of the

Management of Waiting Lines at a Truck Weighing Station

Trucks are required to pass through a weighing station so that they can be checked for weight violations. Trucks arrive at the station at the rate of 40 an hour between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Currently two inspectors are on duty during those hours, each of whom can inspect 25 trucks an hour. a. How many trucks would you ex

Training and Development

Training Plans for Groups Like other areas of human resources, training programs must comply with employment laws and guidelines. Evaluate your group's training program and address the following: * How have you (or how should you) addressed the issue of equity in your training plan? * How would you adjust your pl

Merit, Advancement and Opportunity

1. To what extent is merit determined by opportunity? Explain whether you agree that wealth and background, among other things, can affect one's ability to achieve and weather such advantage are determinative of success? 2. who defines what it takes to achieve merit and advancement? Who decides and how is it decided that so

Research Methods

Would you rather have results that are reliable or valid? Explain why? Under what conditions would one be achieved without the other? Give examples to illustrate your points. The response addresses the queries posted in 287 words with references.

Research Methods:

Six hundred and sixty-two divorced individuals from Germany, Italy, and Switzerland participated in this study, including 282 German subjects (228 women and 54 men), 141 Italian subjects (85 women and 56 men), and 239 Swiss subjects (81 women and 158 men). All participants selected for analysis had at least one child, so all par

Research Methods

Data from this study came from the "National Women's Study-Replication." The sample of 3,001 women was formed from two U.S. population samples: a national cross-section of 2,001 women aged 18-34 years plus a national cross-section of 1,000 women aged 35 and older. Weights were created and used for all analyses with this sample

Research Methods: Article Critique

Please provide the following: Article Critique The object of your critique is to describe how the study followed or failed to follow the criteria for good research. Speculate on which of the writer's conclusions were warranted and which were not. Please include the following topics in your critique of the selected research arti