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    Describe the uses of business forecasting

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    Prepare a paper that describes the uses of business forecasting. Must use APA style formatting and list references.

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    Business forecasting is predicting or determining in advance, the company's future performance. Its important uses are indicated below:
    1. A yardstick of business performance
    Business forecast can serve as a basis in judging the effectiveness of the company's operations. When a company's level of performance exceeds the forecasted level, it can be inferred that the business is doing well. On the other hand, if the performance level is below the forecasted level, it can be inferred that the business is not doing well. This can signal possible strengths and weaknesses and in what aspects of the business they are found.
    2. A basis in coming up with business decisions along the following:
    a) Production
    When the business is forecasted to be in an upward trend as indicated by the forecasted level of demand of the company's products and services, it will be a go signal on the part of the production department to make some adjustments in its production levels. This will be coupled with adjustments in the different factors of productions such as raw materials, machineries and equipment, and others.

    A forecasted change in the ...

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