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    Multiple choice practice questions

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    According to the text, what is the "key" to effective management of change in culture?

    Strategic goals can be accomplished through defining an action plan. Which of the following is NOT one of the components that make up an action plan?
    1.Stating what action is going to be taken
    2.Who will perform the action
    3.During what time frame the action will be done
    4.Where the action will be done

    All of the following are changing structural characteristics found in the modern organization design EXCEPT
    1.horizontal communication.
    2.autonomous work teams.
    3.extensive training.
    4.centralized top-down decision making.

    What is the activity that occurs in Stage I of international development?
    1.The company invests in production facilities in key countries.
    2.The company exports, but trade is minor and handled by an export department.
    3.The company establishes its own export division with sales offices in other countries.
    4.The company operates in a global industry and establishes worldwide personnel, R&D, and financing strategies.

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    The key to effective management of change is communication. Communication is vital employees need to know and understand the reason for the change.

    Strategic goals using an action plan ...

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