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    Classifying Frauds Using the ACFE Fraud Tree

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    There are various ways to classify frauds. One classification system uses several category types such as the following:

    Employee embezzlement
    Management fraud
    Investment fraud scams
    Vendor fraud
    Customer fraud

    Search for a fraud/financial crime with sufficient detail to describe the fraud, including the classification. If your example is considered an occupational fraud based on the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) fraud tree, identify which category it would fall in and why. If your case does not fall with the ACFE fraud-tree classification, explain why.

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    This question relates to your understanding of what constitutes fraud as well as your comprehension of the different types of fraud that exist. You are asked then to search for a fraud or financial crime. You can identify the case of Enron, an American energy company that committed financial fraud by cooking ...

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    This solution provides an example and description of a particular fraud/financial crime committed, categorizing the type of financial fraud committed.