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    Fraud prevention program, with hotline vendor recommendation

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    Kathy Adams, CEO of Veda, Inc., has called a management to a meeting to discuss a comprehensive fraud prevention program. She is very supportive of both internal audit and investigation functions and realizes it would be cost-effective to have a comprehensive fraud prevention program.
    The management team wants to institute several steps to create a cultural of honesty and high ethics in the company. The CEO tells Robert Ford and Joseph Bond that there are no limits to what they can institute. She said that she heard recently that it is good to have a hotline, so she has some interest in that tool.

    What recommendations would you offer the CEO? Would you suggest a hotline? As part of your answer, Google search the key words fraud hotline. Identify possible third-party hotline vendors that you can recommend. Specifically identify some examples. Do not discuss the same company example previously listed on this Discussion Board.

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    comprehensive fraud prevention program, including a hotline.

    http://www.fraudessentials.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=12&Itemid=4 with emphasis on Internet security Three kinds of fraud controls:
     Preventive controls. These are focused on protecting the company's assets and information by stopping fraud from occurring.
     Detective controls. These are aimed at finding fraud when it occurs, hopefully as soon as possible.
     Corrective controls. These attempt to remedy problems that are discovered, so that future frauds can be better prevented and detected.


    http://www.picpa.org/Content/41276.aspx: good quote - According to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners' 2008 Report to the Nation, small businesses1 suffered from 66 percent more fraud occurrences than larger businesses. The average cost of each fraud occurrence to these small businesses is $200,000, which is 14 percent higher ...

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    What constitutes a comprehensive fraud prevention program, and what is involved? One recommendation supplied for a third-party hotline vendor. URL references supplied.