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Business Management

Time Warner Cable's Options for Growth

Evaluate Time Warner Cable's options for growth. Identify the core competencies of your organization and options for growth within the organization. Explain how these new opportunities can affect economic transactions between firms.

Training and Development

Training Design and Development The Director of Sales, Jorge Muñoz, has approached you to recommend training for new sales representatives. In the form of an e-mail (placed in a Word Document), complete the following: * Identify the training objectives o What will the trainee know and be able to do upon

Performance Management and Employee Services: Personnel Issues

Personnel Issues As a human resources manager, you realize that performance management must be considered even before a person becomes an employee of the organization. One of your goals is to reduce employee turnover through the revision of the personnel assessments used during the recruitment and hiring process. The fir

Managment Summary (Management Plans)

See the attached file. The reading for this unit is a website article on management summary (management plans) in business plans. The article provides a comprehensive overview of management teams. Respond to two Questions Discussion Topic: High Performance Teams and Career Planning Question 1 of 2: High Performa

Understanding Polarities and Polarity Manangement

1. Polarities and polarity management A. Educate your reader on polarity management. Show you understand polarities and polarity management. 2. The Polarity Map A. Create a map of the polarity you have chosen from the simulation. Be sure your poles represent a true polarity and that your

Wage Male/Female Research Process Paper

MyrResearch process paper is about "The wage of a male employee well educated is higher then a female employee with the same education level." I need help getting started with: - Purpose of the research - Describe the research problem - Explain why the research problem is important

Change Management: Stages of Reaction

Examine the different reaction stages related to change. Give examples of how you managed a time of change in the past and what stage was hardest to overcome.

stereotypes and work

What positive or negative stereotypes do you hold about different jobs or careers? How has your cultural background, gender, or self-concept influenced your generalized view or stereotype of these jobs or careers? Have you ever had an opportunity to test any of these generalizations or stereotypes? Did they match reality?

Performance Management and Employee Services

Human Resource Law, Job Analysis Some organizations may have detailed strategies for measuring product quality and customer satisfaction but do not put the same emphasis on employee performance expectations. * Discuss the possible consequences for an organization that does not use sound performance expectations as par

Training and Development: Developing Team Cohesiveness

Needs Assessment: The sales manager for your company approaches you as the trainer and identifies an issue regarding team cohesiveness in her group. She has asked you as the trainer what type of training you can provide to her team to create more cohesiveness. - Describe how you would determine if it is a training issue or wh

Planning a Dream Home

See the attached file. 1. Mrs. Tolstoy and her husband, Serge, are planning their dream house. The lot for the house sits high on a hill with a beautiful view of the Appalachian Mountains. The plans for the house show the size of the house to be 2,900 square feet. The average price for a lot and house similar to this one has

Panera Bread

What significant changes have occurred in the external environment since 2007 for Panera Bread? How did the company change (or did not change) internally to address the changes in the external environment?

Business Script for a Patient's Visit to a Doctor

Write a business script for a patient's visit to a doctor's office. Write a second script for ONE of the following: a) Visit to a hair salon/barber shop, b) appointment with an attorney to write a will or c) visit to CPA's office to prepare your tax return. Describe the similarities and differences between the doctor'

Business Economics: Drugmakers Example

It was recently reported in a newspaper article entitled "Drugmakers gifts to doctors finally get scrutiny." The article stated: "Christmas trees, free tickets to a Washington Redskins game with a champagne reception thrown in, a family vacation in Hawaii, and wads of cash." Many persons might see this as bribing, but not it see

Quantitative Reasoning for Business

1. José is in fifth grade. His grandfather gave him $1000 to invest for college, so he will invest it for seven years. He has one opportunity to invest it at a yearly interest rate of 8 percent compounded annually and, of course, he will put the interest back into the account. He has another opportunity to invest his $1000 at

Performance Management and Employee Services

Human Resource Law, Job Analysis As a human resources manager, job design is an important piece of your overall strategy to retain employees and promote employee satisfaction. Address these issues. * Utilizing the theories of job design, such as job enlargement, job rotation, and job reengineering, please provide how yo

Performance Management and Employee Services

Your organization has recently experienced growth in the number of employees on its payroll. In response to this, you are beginning the recruitment process for an additional payroll clerk. You would like to create a job analysis before writing any job advertisements. As part of the information gathering process, you have decided

Motivating Managers and Professionals: Positive Reinforcement

Identify several factors from below that you think would be particularly effective in motivating managers and professionals. Explain your reasoning. Rules and Procedures for Positive Reinforcement 1. State clearly what behavior will lead to a reward. 2. Choose an appropriate reward. 3. Supply ample feedback. 4. Schedul

Intrinsic job satisfaction level of employees by employment variables

Examine two of the nine sections of data: â-¦one section of qualitative data (choose either Gender or Position) â-¦one section of quantitative data (choose either Intrinsic or Extrinsic) â?¢Each section should include all data points listed in the column for the variable. The requirements include: 1.Identify the dat

Identify linear thinkers from system thinkers

Creating shared vision goes hand-in-hand with systems thinking. The latter enables people to understand what and how the organization has created. Vision portrays what people want to create. Because most managers don't experience that they are contributing to their current reality, they have great difficulty in seeing how they c

Change Management

Describe what a system needs to do to reduce barriers to change, to create measures that will accurately measure progress, to empower employees, and to change the skills, behavior, and culture to support the desired change.

Organization Behavior: Determine best set of change management practices

The Board of Directors at a large telephone company want its executives to make the organization more environmentally friendly by encouraging employees to reduce waste in the workplace. There are also expectations by government and other stakeholders for the company to take this action and be publicly successful. Consequently, t

Glo-Bus Simulation - Global business simulation

GLO-BUS is a completely online exercise where teams of students run a digital camera company in head-to-head competition against companies run by other class members. Company operations parallel those of actual digital camera companies. Just as in the real-world, companies compete in a global market arena, selling digital camera

Strategies for Creating and Communicating a Shared Vision

I have attached four files contain discussions about strategies for creating and communicating a shared vision. These discussions were based on learners' evaluation of their organization's use of the strategies for creating and communicating a shared vision. They have also developed three to five specific recommendations to bett

Does this indicate that sexual orientation discrimination is acceptable?

Question 11 Employment discrimination against sexual minorities is not prohibited by law. Does this indicate that sexual orientation discrimination is acceptable? Do you think we will see legislation protecting gays and lesbians in the near future? Question 12 Review Table 16.1 on page 456 of your text. Consider the provis

Business Consultation: Fargo Publishing Company

Can you help me get started on this, please? Fargo Publishing Company serves the elementary and middle school textbook market. Their printing area is divided into eight production centers that employ approximately 250 hourly workers. Although the production workers may be involved in preparing, running, or packaging several