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Analyzing a Business Research Article

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Read the article "To stream or not to stream in a quantitative business course" by Buhagiar & Potter. You will find this research study at:

Judge this article with the following criteria

-What the sample selected in such a way that you think it is representative of the population ?
-Is It clear where the sample came from and how it was selected ?
-How similar are the participants in the study to those who have been used in similar studies ?

Result and discussion
-Does the author relate the results to the review of literature?
-Are the result related to the hypothesis?
-Is the discussion of the result consistent with the actual result ?
-Does the discussion provide closure to the initial hypothesis presented by the author?

-Is the list of references current?
-Are they consistent in their format?
-Are the references complete?
-Does the list of references reflect some of the most important reference sources in that field?

General comments about the report
-Is the report clear written and understandable?
-Is the language biased ?
-What are the primary implications of the research?
-What would you do to improve the research ?
-Does the submitted manuscript conform to the editor's publisher's specifications?

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The sample was chosen from two classes where all students were offered the opportunity to participate. Since previous studies had used students from similar settings (college classes offered online and on ground) the sample can be considered indicative of the population. Students were from a state university in an urban setting which is also indicative of populations.

The author references several previous studies and their findings throughout the essay. This is a fair, if ...

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This solution provides a detailed analysis of the given article related to business research.

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Find a recent (past 6 months) journal article and review the article. The following questions can be used as a guide to analyze and write your paper.

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3. What data was collected and how was it measured?
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5. What test(s) were used to test the hypothesis? Was it null?
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The journal article should be an example of survey research, experimental research, or qualitative research.

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