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    Creativity in Business: Article Review

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    Review an article related to creativity in business.
    Statistics is used every day, but is often ignored due to intimidation. Nonetheless, the ability to understand and interpret data is needed to be effective in the workplace and in research. This provides the opportunity for you to reacquaint yourself with how statistics is used to present information in research.

    Find a recent (past 6 months) journal article and review the article. The following questions can be used as a guide to analyze and write your paper.

    1. What is the problem this study addresses?
    2. Who are the stakeholders in this research?
    3. What data was collected and how was it measured?
    4. Was the study qualitative or quantitative?
    5. What test(s) were used to test the hypothesis? Was it null?
    6. What were the independent and dependent variables?
    7. How did the researcher(s) analyze the data?
    8. What were the findings of the research?
    9. After reviewing this research, what are two additional research questions that could be generated after reviewing the findings?

    The journal article should be an example of survey research, experimental research, or qualitative research.

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    This paper presents a review of an article on Social-Structural Analysis of Employee-Organization Relationships and Team Creativity. It reviews the focus of the article, the procedures used in collecting and analyzing data for the study and the conclusions of the article. It analyses the conclusions of the article and finds that the findings and conclusions in high employee-organization relationships (EOR) to team creativity is viable and the analysis on the value of the research shows that it has not only added new knowledge to creativity in business but has also added important information that organizations can use to build dynamic stronger team strategies and communication networks within their organizations to enhance creativity. Further two areas of future research have been identified through tow simple thoughtful, creative research questions relevant and drawn from the study.

    Creativity in Business Article Review:

    Name of the Article: A Social-Structural Analysis of Employee-Organization Relationships and Team Creativity
    Name of the Source and Date of Publication: Academy of Management Annual Meeting proceedings (summer, 2011), pages 1-6, doi:10.5465/AMBPP.2011.65869670
    Name of Authors: Liangding Jia, Jason D. Shaw, and Te-Youn Park

    Focus of the Article:

    In this article, Jia, Shaw and Park conduct a survey research to examine and develop a social structural framework of Employee-Organization relationships and its implications on team creativity. Building on how on how social capital is the bed rock of innovation, the authors specifically focus on how employee-organization relationships (EOR) affects communication networks and communication within teams which are the central tenets of team creativity in an organization. The research uses three hypotheses in conducting the study.

    These are:
    1) The EOR will relate to work team communication density in such a way with high offered inducements the relationship will be positive and significant, and but with low offered inducements the relationship will be attenuated
    2) The relationship between EOR and team creativity is mediated by work-related communication density such that the mediated effect will be the strongest where there is mutual investment in Employee-Organization relationship (EOR).
    3) The strength of the mediated relationship between EOR and team creativity through communication density will mainly depend on task complexity, where when task complexity is high, the effects of mutually invested EOR will be stronger on team creativity.

    The stakeholders in this research are mainly teams within an organization, business organizations and employees in an organization. The article seeks to understand the dynamics ...

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