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    Literature Review: What the Brain Has to Do with Business

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    What the Brain Has to Do with Business

    The brain is an amazing thing, yet, despite numerous studies, it remains an organ that is highly misunderstood. Most people are not aware of what is really taking place inside their heads. Fewer still are aware of the power of improve the way the brain functions. The proposed research will aim to explain how the brain's functions relate to having success in the business industry, as well as what exercises can be done by a person to unlock the power of his or her brain, and thus tap and use the creative genius within, with ease.

    Problem and Proposition:

    Problem: Creativity and Business

    Proposition A: Creativity is important and business success relies on employee creativity.

    Proposition B: Some businesses do not maximize employee creativity

    Proposition C: Although business creativity relies on employee creativity some do not maximize employee creativity.
    Most people have been trained in two primary intelligences, verbal and numerical. Yet people have different capacities in utilizing such intelligences, which is what makes each person unique. The business industry, for instance, places an emphasis on the numerical side, in some respects, but also on the verbal-conversational part, and stresses the ability to write and think creatively. The latter examination will be shown as minimal in most brain-training, and will be claimed to be one of the most important things that could ensure better success in the field. In this view, preliminary exercises will be provided to show how one can both unlock and utilize the creative power of the brain.

    The importance of studying this specific topic is very high because business is one of the things that can advance society, and nothing compares to a good businessman. Furthermore, the research will eventually lead to the development of both an understanding and a means through which an individual can improve his or her business sense. Though some papers have been published on this topic, there has not been enough research in this respect.

    Some preliminary questions will address;

    Is the brain programmed for business success in all individuals?
    If one can remember most effectively images and associations, why do so many people use standard outlining techniques?
    How can one use one's whole brain to make dreams come true?
    How can on improve the brain in order to maximize one's abilities?
    What are the ways to increase the power of our memory, focus and creativity?

    With regards to research methods, mostly qualitative research methods will be employed during the research, such as the analysis of an interview, for instance, but the addition of quantitative methods will also be employed, which is expected to contribute to the analysis of samples of a population and trends in such populations, especially with regards to brain capacities and tendencies.

    References that may be utilized

    Pillay S. (November 15, 2010) Your Brain and Business: The Neuroscience of Great Leaders
    Buzan T., Think Buzan Inventors of Mind Mapping, http://www.thinkbuzan.com/us/.

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    Literature Review

    The notion that creativity can improve workplace performance is not a novel idea. Many
    organizations that have adopted the flat organizational structure have come to realize that
    allowing employees some leeway in using their creative ideas can lead to increased productivity
    and improved problem solving abilities. Allen (2010) discusses how the chemical dopamine
    effects creativity in the brain. Creativity is no longer thought of as a process that merely takes
    place in the frontal lobe. It is the production of the chemical dopamine that contributes to
    creative thinking.

    For many neuroscience researchers creativity is also connected to improved brain
    function in other areas such as mathematical intelligence and reasoning ability. "Both
    intelligence (in the IQ test sense) and creativity appear to be the products of widely distributed
    functional networks in the brain, which are at least partly independent of one another" (Allen,
    2010). The author implies that if creativity is practiced it can improve networks in the rain,
    thereby improving other cognitive functions. "A basic assumption of the framework is that
    neural circuits that process specific information to yield noncreative ...

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