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Independent, dependent, and mediating variables

For this discussion, you are asked to answer some of the questions from the checklist in order to analyze an empirical study. The questions you are to answer from the checklist are listed below.

To complete this discussion, start with reading the Grant and Berry 2011 article. This article, on motivation and creativity, explores a number of variables using three different empirical studies. Address these "questions about variables" for one of these studies:
1. What is the dependent variable?
2. What are the independent variables?
3. What mediating or intervening variables are identified?
4. How are any control variables considered?
5. How is each variable defined and measured?
6. Do you consider the definitions and measurements of the variables appropriate for this study?

Make sure you identify which empirical study you used for this discussion.

Reference: Grant, A. M., & Berry, J. W. (2011). The necessity of others is the mother of invention: Intrinsic and prosocial motivations, perspective taking, and creativity. Academy of Management Journal, 54(1), 73-96.


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Greetings! This is Dr. Underwood, and I will be happy to assist with your assignment this evening! I have had the opportunity to review the attached article on the Grant and Barry (2011) study, and will be happy to provide some helpful suggestions when preparing for this assignment.

Question # 1: In terms of the dependent variable, this is the variable that is the outcome of what is being examined. For example, let's say you're interested in examining the relationship between exercise and weight loss. The dependent variable will be weight loss in this example. In regards to the article, Grant and Berry (2011) were interested in examining the relationship between intrinsic motivation and creativity. Based on the example I provided, what would be the dependent variable?

Question # 2: The independent variable is what the researcher(s) are trying to examine. In my original example on exercise and weight loss, the dependent variable in this case is weight loss. In regards to ...

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This solution discusses how independent and dependent variables may be influenced by an 'outside' factor in determining outcomes.