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Understanding Research Literature

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Reference: Fairley, S. (2009). The role of the mode of transport in the identity maintenance of sport fan travel groups. Journal of Sport and Tourism. 14(2-3): 205-222.

Hi, I would like some assistance with my task which is based on the referenced article. I need to take a look at the introduction and review parts of it as they apply to the concept of variables. The following questions need to be answered:

1) The variables considered relevant to the study. (As bullet points, no full sentences)
2) The conceptual model that describes the relationships between the variables in the model.
(Either provide a verbal description; such as Salary is related with Job Satisfaction, or draw the model using shapes and/or SmartArt in MS Word, under the ?Insert? tab.
3) A brief explanation of why you expect the relationships to exist. Minimum of 50 words and a maximum of 100 words.

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Note: There is an attachment for question 2.

Dependent variable (DV) the variable that is effected by the independent variable - for instance, the outcome

Independent variable (IV) the variable that you manipulate. For instance, a program or treatment is typically an independent variable
From: Trochim, W. M. K. & Donnelly, J. P. (2008). The research methods knowledge base (3ed ed.). Cengage, Learning: Mason, OH.

Moderating variable (MoV) definition, as part of independent variable definition, from the following website: http://home.earthlink.net/~andyda/psych/methods/methods.html

Independent variable:
a. Stimulus, cause, implies more than one level , necessary for comparison. Must have a label and levels.
b. May be manipulated or unmanipulated.
+ Unmanipulated - observed as is, no modification - the levels of the variable are identified in nature.
+ Manipulated - the observer determines what subjects receive what level of the independent variable.
c. Moderator variables, control variables and confounding ...

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