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Business Management: Leadership Traits of Managers

Explain if you would be willing to accept a smaller salary increase or bonus so that your employer could invest in a socially responsible cause such as providing shelter for homeless people or Internet access for disadvantaged children. What is your position on the ethics of a business leader receiving US$100 million or more in annual compensation? How can consumers use the Internet to help control the ethical behavior of business leaders?

How would a manager know which variables in a given situation should influence which approach to the leadership he or she should take? Identify a personality trait that you think would help a manager function as a contingency leader. Also, identify a trait that you think would detract from a manager's ability to function as a contingency leader. Explain.

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I would be willing to accept a smaller salary and I do. My company helps those who are disabled and at this point, we need to put more into the clients needs than our own so no one takes much of a salary. We all feel we are gaining both personal and emotional wealth from this practice.

People who earn such exorbitant amounts are deserving of some higher pay, but the amount listed is beyond anything anyone should earn unless they founded the company, created the reputation and worked tirelessly to turn it into a company that can pay ...

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