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    Leadership vs. Managment Philosophy

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    Describe the difference between leadership and management using examples from your own professional experience
    Discuss in what circumstances management is a necessary component of leadership
    Share what you feel are the most important traits of effective leadership and effective management

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    As a previous owner of a small business that I built from scratch I can highlight several differences between leadership and management. Leadership entails leading by example, taking responsibility for both good and bad occurrences, and inspiring others to believe in your capability to deliver what you intend to deliver. Management is also necessary, but competent managers are not always effective leaders. This is because in order to manage it does not take necessary skills needed across the board for leaders such as inspiration. Managers can ensure that their employees follow the company's protocols, work efficiently, and are knowledgeable about their positions in the company. They cannot ensure that their management style inspires their workers because inspiration is pertinent to leaders and cannot be faked or pushed upon someone.

    Management is necessary in leadership when the leader is also the person responsible for the day to day handlings of his or her business. If the leader who is responsible for their business upkeep, operations, and personnel is not a competent manager also then his or ...

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    Discusses the differnces between leadership and management philosophy.