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    The Concept of Transparency and the Crime of Insider Trading

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    How does the concept of transparency relate to the crime of insider trading? Please give an example of each.

    Please examine the idea of altruism and whether it supports the system of capitalism or not. Discuss whether altruism is appropriate in the business world.

    In assessing boards' duties, does it make sense to put the responsibility of corporate governance on the boards, or should it be shared with management? Is there a balance between the two? Why or why not?

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    Corporate transparency is the availability of specific information related to a publicly traded firm to those outside the said firm. It is usually conceptualized from a multifaceted system whose elements vary together within an economy (What Determines Corporate Strategy, n.d.). This thus has a direct impact to insider trading since generally; only those within the traded firm are vast with information regarding aspects of the firm. The insiders can thus use this information to quickly make decisions that are to their advantage, prior to making selected information to outsiders, in some ways deceiving them. It also relates to the crime of insider trading since the lack of the former is known to have a direct effect on every aspect of trading contracts for difference ...

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    The solution discusses the concept of transparency related to the crime of insider trading.