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    Encouraging Green & Sustainable Business Practices

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    Many businesses must comply with government regulations related to pollution and energy usage. Businesses may also voluntarily engage in other sustainable business practices.

    What is a business leader's motivation to engage in sustainable business practices?

    What are other ways besides regulations that the government or local community encourages businesses to become more sustainable?

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    The number one motivation for a business leader to engage in sustainable business practices is that it is the right thing to do. Most business leaders are reasonably smart people that want to be successful, in all areas of their lives. It is not reasonable to engage in un-sustainable practices in the long run. Taking short cuts, running a business for the ...

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    This solution discusses business leaders' motivation to engage in green and sustainable business practices. It outlines other ways besides government regulations that the the government or local community can encourage business to become more sustainable. It includes a link and examples.