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    entrepreneurship essay

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    "I want you to speculate your future role as an engineer in a world characterized by a dire need to develop sustainable business solutions to consumer and investor demand. I want you to relate your story to readings or theory which adds clarity to the points you make. Or in other words, I want you to read about intrapreneurship, deduce the principles thereof, record these, and speculate how you, 'the professional engineer', might make a practice of the principles so as to make a tangible difference to the world!"

    Note: the story is to be clear and realistic, relevant readings or theory have been integrated and the essay is structured, edited and referenced appropriately.

    You may want to have a look at Wikipedia's notes on the concepts of 'intra-corporate' entrepreneurship and the intrapreneur or elsewhere.

    http://www.paggu.com/entrepreneurship/what is 'intrapreneurship' difference features and examples of 'intrapreneurs'

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    I have an important role to play as an engineer in developing sustainable business solutions. There is a customer and investor demand for sustainable solutions and as an engineer; I intend to play an entrepreneurial role.

    As an engineer, I shall get opportunities to incorporate principles of sustainability into each of its business decisions. I will ensure that less harmful chemicals are generated and released into the atmosphere, materials are not wasted, and there is recycling of material. I shall endeavor to reduce carbon footprints. For instance, if I see a process in which pollutants are released into the water-system, I will take steps to ensure that such pollution is reduced and if practicable stopped completely. Further, during my work as an engineer, I will work for firms that supply environmentally friendly product and services. If I have to market these products, I will use the marketing tools to increase the demand for green products or services. For instance, I will stove to recycle waste and where impracticable simply eliminate waste. I will increase the use of alternative energies. I will try to find out those products ha are can function at the same level and at a lower cost. I am sure that the organization for which I will work will directly benefit from my initiatives. An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and takes risk for the actions. In the organization, I will take responsibility for the risks that I will take.

    Essentially, there is a demand from consumers and investors for sustainable business. I will use my skills as an engineer to produce products that will compete with others n the basis of their environment friendliness. The customers will prefer products that are environment friendly and will pay a slightly higher price for products that are ere green. The ...

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