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    Formatted Structure and Flow Topics

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    Article Analysis Instructions

    All course assignments formatted per APA
    Article Analysis Instruction
    Each student will select an article, SEPARATE FROM COURSE READINGS, and submit a comprehensive article analysis. The article should relate to the topics discussed during the current week and must be a new article that the student has researched. The student will summarize the issue as it relates to course areas discussed or read about. EACH ARTICLE MUST HAVE TWO SUPPORT SOURCES IN ADDITION TO THE ARTICLE ANALYSIS. COURSE READINGS MAY BE USED AS SUPPORT.
    The article analysis format will be:
    1. A 1 - 2 page paper (not including the reference and title page)
    2. Double Spaced
    3. Formatted in APA style (All course assignments will be in APA style)
    4. Papers will not include an abstract
    The grading criteria for the paper will be:
    1. Over of the Topic 5 pts
    2. Relationship to course topics, reading, discussions, etc 5 pts
    3. Analysis of article 5 pts
    4. Structure and Flow (Introduction, Conclusion, clear outline followed) 3 pts
    5. APA Formatting 2 pts
    Article Analysis Total 20 pts

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