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Health Care Costs and Use of Flexible Benefit Programs

Q1. With the rapid increase in health care costs, organizations are looking at a number of ways to contain these costs. Describe methods that organizations are using to contain health care costs.

Q2. Describe how a flexible benefit program might increase worker satisfaction with benefits at the same time that costs are being reduced.

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Health care

Ways organizations can reduce cost of health care

There are a number of measures an organization can utilize in order to ensure that health related expenses are minimized. This includes establishment of health programs. A health program involves setting objectives for employees to achieve relating to health issues. For this to be successful employee participation must be high. A health program reduces health costs by encouraging employees to participate in physical exercise, monitoring weight and things such as yoga. The organization can also offer employees with screening services in order to identify ...

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The solution discusses methods to contain health care costs and use of flexible benefit programs to reduce costs.