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    Strategic Management

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    Provide a new mission and vision statement for the company lifetime fitness.

    I am interested in taking a closer look at Life Time Fitness, Inc. (LTM). This company exists to educate and train people in health and fitness activities. The company was founded in 1992, went public in 2004, and is currently on the Russell 2000 index. LTM offers it's company and investor information on their website available at I am interested in this company because I will be helping to open a gym in the near future. I think that LTM has been successful in its nearly two decades of operation, and I could learn a lot from investigating the strategic management of the gyms. This is an opportunity for me to do benchmarking within the industry and learn some of the best management practices. http://www.lifetimefitness.com/aboutlifetime/

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    The mission of Lifetime Fitness is as follows. We are available to meet your needs in an online fitness environment as a means of helping the individual and the family to achieve success in their health goals. This experience is unique by means of establishing high quality for the everyone involved. Our ...

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    This solution provided a new mission and vision statement for Lifetime Fitness.