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Professional development opportunities for CFEs.

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Search the Internet for professional development opportunities for CFEs. Find two opportunities and write a summary describing what James would have the opportunity to learn and its benefits to him as a CFE. One of the opportunities should focus on improving his skills at writing reports.

Provide references including a hyperlink to the Web site where you found your information for each opportunity.

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The solution provides a detailed discussion and references for professional development opportunities for CFEs.

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Since James is a CFE, he should take advantage of the extensive, thorough seminars offered by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

The first professional development opportunity he should take advantage of is the seminar titled "Conducting Internal Investigations." James would learn how to prepare for each step of an internal investigation, with an emphasis on writing skills. He will have a chance to broaden his knowledge on leading internal investigations, including extensive coverage on topics such ...

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