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Distributive bargaining

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Distributive bargaining is sometimes referred to as "win-lose bargaining". Where does this label come from? How can it be misleading? Also, some people casually characterize any negotiated settlement as "a win-win". Why is this accurate in layperson's terms but inaccurate in light of how negotiation experts use the term win-win? Give an everyday example of distributive bargaining and integrative bargaining

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Distributive bargaining is sometimes referred to as win-lose bargaining. Where does this label come from? How can it be misleading?
The distributive bargaining is used when the parties are seeking to divide something. The label win-lose comes from the situation in which the division process is unfair to one party and is biased in favor of another party. It is believed by some that the distributive process or the process of divisions cannot be fair to everyone so it is a win-lose situation. This is however misleading. The reason is that the distributive bargaining process can be fair to both the parties and the ...

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