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Integrative Bargaining Within American Congress

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If you served as the negotiator between President Obama and Senator Boehner how would you change the distributive process to an integrative initiative? - Use the past fiscal cliff as a point of interest.

Integrative and distributive bargaining is consider the policy process and how the bi-partisan relationship between the Democrats and Republicans, particularly the distributive bargaining. Is it applicable at the federal level, but state and local?

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My name is Jason Blair and it is my pleasure to assist you with some notes today related to integrative and distributive bargaining. By way of introduction, I am a professor in the state of Arizona.

This is certainly an interesting question that you propose. You might be aware, the American Congress is currently suffering through the lowest level of public opinion polls in recorded history, primarily as a result of the failure between the two parties to reach any sort of compromise on important issues facing the country today. The fiscal cliff fiasco is one such example of this. While both parties acknowledge that the damage done to ...

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The integrative bargaining within American Congress is examined. The democrats and Republican's relationships are given.

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