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    BUSINESS MANGMENT comprehensive article analysis

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    This week's topics:

    1. Steven Bates: Fighting the Backlash
    2. Bill Leonard: A Job Well Done
    3. Atkinson: Bringing diversity to white men

    Find an article on one of these topics and provide a comprehensive article analysis to include:

    1. Over of the Topic
    2. Relationship to course topics, reading, discussions, etc
    3. Analysis of article
    4. Structure and Flow (Introduction, Conclusion, clear outline followed)

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    First Class Work
    What a great job! First class work! How good is that? It makes a person feel that he or she has gone over and beyond. When the 9/11 tragedy occurred, human resource departments all over the world were taken back by how this would change the future. The biggest issue was to communicate to the employees and make sure all company policies were up-to-date and covered assuring employees of their safety.
    Hiring practices had to be more involved and background checks became the high priority. Those companies that had good policies in place, did not really have to change much. (Leonard, 2001). The bigger picture was emergency plans and global incidents. Some of the biggest fears that surfaced were safety in the workplace and safety in travel. Many larger companies felt the change more than smaller companies because it brought home how important each individual is. In larger companies, people get lost and seem to be more a number than a face. Human Resources had to take a big giant step and handle issues such as stress, fear, emotional anger, depression, and overall attitudes (Heathfield, 2003).
    Many wanted to know how that could happen and could that happen to them? What could have been different? Many employees working in high rise buildings considered ...

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