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Characterize Japanese People Behavior After the Earthquake

How would you characterize the Japanese people behavior after the earthquake tragedy from a safety point of view. Compare with other cultures.

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20 years ago, Japan was considered a highly collectivist society, but more recent studies have shown that the Japanese citizens are a blend of collectivist and individualist society. By definition, collectivist societies value their duty to their population, maintain societal harmony (i.e. Conservation), and desire to guarantee and achieve the welfare of all individuals and nature (i.e. Self-transcendence). One demonstration of this after the 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami was a man who was shopping in a convenience store for food and water who could have bought the last 5 bottles of water but did not because he wanted to leave some for other survivors. Additionally, there was no looting of stores or remaining structures after the tragedy. Stealing or looting would cause hurt to fellow Japanese. The Japanese also remained calm and quiet while waiting for hours in line to receive ...

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The solution characterizes Japanese people behavior after the earthquake from a safety point of view.