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    Senior management and running a business

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    What are the key things that senior management must do to effectively run the business?

    Senior management's role has to do with the big picture. Senior managers are responsible for the decisions that have to do with the company's directions. Senior managers are responsible for developing policies. They have to guard the company's culture and they are capable of influencing it. They might make the big decisions, but it's the employees without those responsibilities that will ensure the success and effectiveness of the major decisions. To effectively run a business, senior managers need to truly understand the business from the bottom up. They might not be in direct contact with the production part of the business, but they need to be familiar with that part to truly understand what the company is capable of. The decisions taken will be implemented by the employees on lower levels of the organizational structure. Senior managers need to make sure that the company and its workforce are able to implement the actions effectively before the decision is made.

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    I have found in my own personal experience, that much of this discussion is right on point. Many senior managers are required to undertake certain tasks in order to ensure a company is moving in the right direction. I think that the key task that senior managers must ...

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