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Comparing Internet Sites Related to Special Security Threats

Compare three Internet sites related to special security threats.

Create an file which lists the links for the sites that you located, write an explanation as to the significance of these sites and why you chose them. These 3 websites must be a reliable and reputable source.

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Websites - Related to Special Security Threats

Website: Microsoft
(Evaluate security and privacy threats for the 2007 Office system, 2011)

The Microsoft website was chosen because the operating systems that many types of organizations and consumers in general utilize - are the operating systems that MicroSoft sells. The security threats that can occur on a computer system or network can cripple an industry or even just a person's own personal computer programs and databases. It can also compromise sensitive information. MicroSoft goes to great extremes to make sure all security threats are addressed with availability of a patch to prevent any damage to systems. When there is an emergency patch issued, it is usually for a special security threat that has been discovered and is spreading quickly throughout businesses. The most important businesses affected by these are financial institutions such as banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, or any business that reveals personal information Microsoft offers automatic emails of new patches and the ability to set your personal computer to automatic updates that may be out there, so that the patch is installed as quickly as possible.

Microsoft also offers manual upgrades and downloads of patches right from this site. If you take a look out on this website, you can see where diagrams can play a large part in understanding how ...

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The solution compares three Internet sites related to special security threats.