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    Wolf story: Which wolf will win? The one you feed

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    See attached file for the case study.

    Your task is to read the piece and then comment on your thoughts and reactions to it RELATIVE TO YOUR LIFE AND EXPERIENCES. This is not to be a general analysis but a connection between what you are reading and you.

    There is not a "required" length - I am looking for a substantive response, not a lengthy one. Write as much as you need to reflect the connections you make.

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    The wolf story is one that occurs in each one of us on a daily basis. Within us, there is the innate urge to commit good, but also, there is also the urge to commit actions contrary to what we know is good. Every day, I am faced with situations which require me to act in a certain way. In every situation, I have the choice to do either the right thing, or commit a wrong action. This makes me wonder, does the end justify the means? Well, the story tells me that the actions I take to meet the end are ...

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