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    Coca-Cola Company

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    I need help in answering the following questions. Thanks!

    Identify and describe the total supply network of Coca-Cola Company.

    What factors have affected the organization's decisions regarding which parts of the network to outsource or keep in-house?

    How has the organization planned for locations of capacity?

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    I need help in answering the following question:
    Identify and describe the total supply network of Coca-Cola Company.
    The Coca-Cola Company has developed a network of bottlers all over the world. These bottlers follow the quality standards of Coca-Cola and are monitored by the Coca-Cola Company. Quality testing and inspectors ensure that the most stringent production standards are followed by the bottlers of Coca-Cola. The bottlers receive concentrate from the Coca-Cola Company, convert it into the final product namely Coca-Cola and distribute it to retailers in their assigned area (2). The retail stores include large supermarkets, vendors, restaurants, as well as dispensers for Coca-Cola. In several areas the Coca-Cola Company sells syrups to wholesalers that in turn sell the concentrates and syrups to dispenser and retailers that own dispensers (fountains). Fountain syrups are sold direct to wholesalers that do not have restrictions on areas where they might sell their products. Now, outside the USA the syrups for fountains are made by bottlers from ...

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