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    Management Control System (MCS)

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    Company-Coca Cola

    From the analysis (attached file), critique the MCS with a view to identifying strengths and weaknesses in order to make comprehensive recommendations (at least 3 recommendations)

    Needs referencing
    (word limit: about 500-800words)

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    There are several strengths of the management control systems of Coca-Cola Company. The first strength is that the management control systems address important financial issues. The cost center addresses the need to keep costs under control, the profit center helps maintain the profitability of the company, and the revenue center focuses on the sales of Coca-Cola. There is the investment center that balances the current needs of the company with the need for capital investment. An important strength is that Coca-Cola measures the quality of ingredients, materials, and regulates the criteria of collaborators' activities. An important strength is that a quality control system is being applied to its partners so that the goals of the company are achieved. Further, the rules of the company relating to manufacturing, merchandizing, and distributing are enforced so that the partners act to support the mission of Coca-Cola Company. In addition, the management control system is strong because it uses formal rules, instructions, job descriptions, and performance measurements to detect and ...

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