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Nonprofit Organizations

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See Commonwealth Business School Case 16-1 attached.

MCS -- Evaluate the criteria for a good management control system and other requirements attached.

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The strengths of the new program are faculty detail is very transparent. The MCS shows course wise inputs, the total cost of teaching, and how the faculty member has performed with respect to different courses. It also shows the earnings of each faculty and can be used for comparison across faculty and even across departments. The total earnings of the faculty can be compared with her salary also. The faculty performance in relation to each department is given clearly by the MCS. Further, the new MCS also gives course and activity details with regards to the revenue earned, tax incurred and the dollars per credit hours. The MCS also gives details of how different departments perform. In other words the proposed MCS allows examination of performance faculty-wise, course wise and department wise.
The weakness of the new program is that it does not assign weights in accordance with the goals of the university further, the distribution of dollar revenue with respect to research may not reflect pure research generates in accordance with the interests of the faculty. further, if the time spent by faculty in course is reflected in dollar amounts ...

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Characteristics of Non Profit Organizations

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Professor Lester Salamon of Johns Hopkins University has written that nonprofit organizations have the following characteristics. They are,
1. Organized activity
2. Private, independent organizations, not extensions of government
3. Voluntary in participation; free from coerced or mandated participation
4. Self-governing. They govern themselves and are not directly controlled by government.
5. Not profit distributing. Excess revenue is directed to mission not to individuals or owners.
6. Of public benefit. They provide a public good or contribute to the general welfare

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