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Please read the article, "No Pain, No Change" by Susan Carter (January 2006). It can be found at this website:

Task: Write about why change is important in an organization and draw points from the article to support your reasoning. Please use other references as well.

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Change is a necessary component in any organization, but most employees fear change because it is painful. Leaders and managers have the ability to implement changes, but it depends on the culture of the organization. Hiring and firing people are simple processes, but changing the entire company culture is one of the toughest issues a leader will ever face. It takes getting with the employees on every level and convincing them that doing things the way they have always been done needs to be updated every year. The mind set years ago was "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". This type of thinking doesn't work in the modern day.

The article talks about assessing and identifying how to streamline business operations. It requires having someone who is an expert and can look at the business objectively to make recommendations for improvements and making processes simple. Being able to streamline anything requires change. Change ...

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In about 615 words, including four references, this solution discusses a particular business article which is focused on the concept of change. This response highlights the importance of change in a business organization and how change can be implemented most successfully.