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Discuss reaction to technology at USA today and impact on business.

Harvard Business Case:
September 19, 2005
Michael Tushman Michael J. Roberts
Usa Today: Pursuing the Network Strategy (A)

Describe what you think are some of the technology positives and negatives at USA Today.
How would you describe the acceptance of technology by all divisions?
Keep in mind the various levels of use of technology within the various media divisions as well as the hoped-for "network strategy".

Discuss the impact of technology on business.

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Technology at USA Today

The technology used by USA Today comprises both the online and offline modes, such as internet media, television media and print media (Case Study: Given Text, pg. no.1). These technologies are very effective in the success of the business. With the help of the internet and online technology, the company can target the world and serve their services to a large customer database (Case Study: Given Text, pg. no.1). Electronic media channel (Television) is also one of the main techniques to target the customers at a broad level. With the help of print media and newspapers USA today serve more than 3 million customers (Case Study: Given Text, pg. no.1), which show that the company is using innovative technological infrastructure to maintain its success (USA Today, 2010).

Although the technologies used by USA Today are latest but in comparison to its competitors, the web software and applications are not very much effective (Case Study: Given Text, ...

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The solution discusses the impact of technology on business. Reactions to technology at USA today and the impact it has on businesses is examined.